Friday, May 25, 2012

Even I could be a sunshine girl...

A season of flowers and holidays and ice-cream and fun;
Get set for adventure, for summer has come. 

Having colourless skin is hard. Well, okay, my skin is not exactly colourless, but it is unnaturally white. The fairer than fair type that not even fairness creams ever advertise. And because it is so light, the sun is my worst enemy. It wrecks havoc by causing ugly red sun burn and making me break out in itchy rashes. So it's hardly surprising that I hate summer.
But then, there's Lakme Sun Expert. My savior. It protects against the harsh UV rays and keeps sun damage  at bay. And it also smells pretty damn amazing, unlike other sunblock creams which can be quite pungent.
I've been using sunblock since I was just a kid, so I've tried a range of products, and Lakme is definitely one of the best. And no, I'm not just saying that because I want to win prizes in the Lakme Diva Blogger Contest at Indiblogger. I'm saying it because it's the truth. Honest. Try it for yourself by going to
So if this summer I had a lot of money, I would take a tip from Kyra the Sunshine girl and hit the beach for a luxurious holiday with my girl friends (in Goa, perhaps - since I've never been there). We would soak up the sea and the sunshine and drink endless glasses of iced lemonade. We would also shop for pretty summery clothes and pose for lots of photographs. Naturally.
And of course, do other blissful things like watch the sun rise and set over the sea, while writing poetry perhaps, or daydreaming. Or slurping on ice-creams while we lounge on deck chairs. Or just silently thanking God for being alive.
In the evenings, we would dress up and party like there's no tomorrow.
And who knows, in the course of it all, I might even run into a dashing stranger and have a dreamy summer romance of the kind that only ever happens in books and movies.
Oh, yes, with the right sun protection, summer could possibly be my favorite time of the year rather than the season that always makes me wish I could disappear into hibernation beneath the earth's surface until it's over.

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Yoshi said...


Thanks for keeping your end of the deal. I can't promise that you'll definitely win the prize but I assure you a place in the top 3 at least. The rest is up to the judges.


Dilip Mathur,
Marketing Head,
Lakme India,

Mehak said...

Haha, thanks Dilip Mathur. :P
LOL. im waiting for my prize and shall sue you if i don't get one. :P