Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I wish I could see better.

I have a;ways been cool with my vision impairment. Well maybe not always but since a very long time now. I have learned to live with it and work around it. But it DOES get kind of difficult to handle it at the workplace. I feel weird working on the computer when I can't see the screen very well if I don't lean in very close. And if  do lean in close, people ask too many awkward questions and give well-meaning but pointless advice. Of course I have been to an opthalmologist. I have been to more opthalmologists than I can count. And nobody can fix my eyes. And the day that someone does manage to, I am going to hold a grand big party in their honor. And I'm not even kidding.
I would also hold a party for the first software engineer who comes up with a nice SIMPLE software for people with bad eyesight. I know of those that exist but none of them are quite useful, in my opinion. They're either for people who are completely or legally blind, or they're just too cumbersome to use (like most of those ridiculous magnifiers that are available for free).
Vision is such a precious thing; I'm happy that at least I can manage most of life's chores okay and take care of myself but every now and then, I can't help thinking how it would be nice to sit back in my chair and work on my laptop without having to strain myself, or how wonderful it would be to drive around on my own bike or in a car. Or even how helpful it would be to be able to read those huge schedule boards they have at railway stations or even the sign boards of station names. Oh yes, life would be a lot easier with better vision.
Not that I mean to crib. :)

3 scribbles scribbled back to me:

Quaintzy Patchez said...

hope some nice opthalmologist does it :)

Yoshi said...

I've been told by the doctor to wear specs but I still don't. I HATE specs. Even spent a grand on contact lenses but I still haven't used them. Well I did on a couple of occasions but putting them on is such a hassle. Am I the epitome of laziness or what? Hmmm maybe I am.

notesbymohit said...

I admit i don't have anything particular to say for what you've written. but from all the posts that i've read of yours, over the past six months or so, i realize you've a very sturdy sense of optimism, which i sometimes wish i had too. counting our own blessings isn't the only way to stay happy, sometimes its just ignoring the small faults that we find in ourselves and the self-doubt it produces within us. but it's a completely different thing to see and understand those small faults and accept them with a smile and move on, coz you know you are special :)