Thursday, May 17, 2012

Like meeting a long-lost friend...

There is nothing that can make me quite as happy as books of the kind I like to read. Ok, maybe a snazzy new smart phone or laptop would, but that would be a different kind of happiness altogether. Books hold a certain power over me that I doubt anything can match. When I have nothing to do, I like browsing through Flipkart or Amazon, looking at all the books I want to buy as and when I have the money to. That's how I came across a certain title that had me more excited than I've been in a long while. It's called Sweet Valley Confidential and is apparently a follow-up to a series of books I used to read way back in school: the famous, unbeatable Sweet Valley series. It was a VERY girly, highly dramatic, somewhat stupid series but I did LOVE it so. I remember my school library used to stock a whole lot of them and I read every single one and then read them all over again. I had a small collection of my own which I unfortunately gave away to a used-books store when I left Kenya. I wish I hadn't done that. I kept a lot of my other books so I wish I'd kept those too seeming as they were so much fun to read and are not in print anymore.
Anyways, so the latest addition to the series - Sweet Valley Confidential - got me so intrigued that I just HAD to get my hands on it. I checked on Flipkart and they have copies which are slightly on the expensive side because they're imported and I checked on Amazon and they didn't have a good price either, so I spent hours and hours hunting online and finally got my hands on a free albeit illegal ebook. I sat  and read it all afternoon today even though I have something I should have been working on. And I can't describe the feeling that comes with reuniting with characters that you used to love reading about so many years ago. It's seriously uplifting and you kind of see how you yourself have grown and changed with them over the years. It makes you reflect and ponder on life. At least if you're anything like me, it does.
So my favorite part about the series used to be this romance track (hardly surprising, right?) between Elizabeth Wakefield and Todd Wilkins. They were like this forever in love couple even though they broke apart and got back together a couple of times over the course of their high-school and college years. But if I were to ever imagine what a follow-up to the series would be, I would have thought the two would get married and have a couple of kids and a blissful happily ever after. What I would certainly never anticipate is Todd cheating on Elizabeth with her own twin sister, Jessica and deciding to marry her instead, hence hurting Elizabeth like nothing and nobody has ever hurt her before and making her escape from her hometown in California to big, bad New York City. It's totally outrageous, almost blasphemous, and I hate it, but then again, perhaps that's what's keeping me so glued to the book: the whole shock factor. I know they're just fictional characters but I can't help feeling kind of distressed because it's like - if Todd can marry Jessica instead of Elizabeth, anything at all can happen in the world. It's totally over the top.
The book has a very nostalgic feel to it because it's like a final peak into what all the kids (or characters) of Sweet Valley High turned out to be in life. And it kind of resonates with me because I was comparing it to how all the people I knew at high school have turned out in life. A few people got married, or are going to get married soon; while others ended up at prestigious universities or cushy jobs. A few underwent drastic and complete transformation while others haven't changed at all. But on the whole, I guess everyone's turned out to be very different from what we all expected way back when we were just teenagers with overactive hormones and minds full of all kinds of fancy ideas about life. As they say, truth is stranger than fiction, and when I think about it, what Todd and Jessica did in Sweet Valley isn't really that much more shocking than what people do in real life too. Books are just an extension of the real world and all its madness, and perhaps that is why I love them so.

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Aditya said...

Books are just wonderful. I love them so much. I am not sure If I would read the series you mentioned in the post :P But yes, I agree with the sentiments echoed in the same. Keep writing.

cremation in georgia said...

I describe them as a form of life. What can give is everlasting knowledge.

Yoshi said...

"free albeit illegal book" hahahahahaha

Get a tab already. Galaxy Tab 620 is more than good enough. And wonly for 25/26 grand.

Reading ebooks on a tab is so much fun. Just like reading a real book.

No, Im not trying to advertise Samsung products. Not like a girl I know who does something through her blog.

Jk :)


Mehak said...

Thanks Aditya :)

Cremation in Georgia, thanks for stopping by. You have a very interesting blogging name.

Yoshi, you should buy me the samsung tab as a gift, you know. :P