Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wiping the Slate Clean or Turning a New Leaf

For reasons that cannot be entirely explained, I've removed all the conent that used to exist on this blog. There was a lot of stuff here which I no longer relate to or no longer wish to share, so I'm making a new start with this post.
I love this blog too much to have the courage to delete it hence I will definitely continue writing here, just that I will try to write different kinds of things henceforth. 
Whatever I had poured out here over the four and a half years of this blog's existence so far was extremely close to my heart but it did have the potential to be misconstrued, which it eventually was. And that's what made me decide to start afresh, on a clean state.
I am also thinking of giving the page a new look and stuff as soon as I find a nice template.
And again, without sounding pompous, I want to thank all my followers and readers and friends who have inspired me so much that I simply can't bear the idea of ever ditching this space. :)
But I think I have finally realized that there IS such a thing as too much popularity. :P

4 scribbles scribbled back to me:

Yoshi said...

What's that growing on the side of ur head in ur FB DP?

inquisitive-life said...


A change is the only constant thing in this world. And every change caters lot of new hopes and challenges. I am sure this transition will given you many pleasant memories. Looking forward to your new endeavours.

Bless You

Mehak said...

@Yoshi, it's a big orange flower. :P

@Inquisitive life, thank u! thanks for reading :)

NINAD said...

Hi mehak, my friends and me land on your site sometimes. Being on my blogroll, I would like to thankyou for showing us how to write good posts. A new start, we look forward to learn more from you.
You write awesome. In french, c'est super!