Saturday, June 16, 2012

You've got to have a little faith

 In people, in life, in friends, in yourself, in your decisions, in that eternal consolation that ‘everything’s going to be okay’.
Even if the world seems like a madhouse where everyone is crazy and unreliable and unpredictable. Because the world IS a madhouse and people ARE crazy and perhaps that’s what makes life interesting in the first place.
Doubt will never get you anywhere. It will ruin relationships; destroy self-esteem and crumble your dreams. Faith is what holds up castles in the air, and eventually floats them down onto solid foundations too. They may crack or change shape a bit by the time they are tangible but they are castles none the less and you better appreciate them.
Don’t jump to conclusions, don’t assume too much, don’t build up events and expectations in your head; just go with the flow and believe that even if everything goes supremely wrong and your life blows up in your face, there is one person who you can always lean on: yourself. You are stronger than anything that ever happens to you. Trust me. Just have a little faith.  And “everything really is going to be okay.”

3 scribbles scribbled back to me:

Loony The Ullu said...

One couldn't have said words which meant more to me. This is beautiful! :)

NINAD said...

Nice words. Khup Chaan! Reminded me of words of Neil Gaiman - Make.Good.Art.

Mehak said...

Loony The Ullu, thanks so much, I'm glad. Btw, i love your name :D

NINAD, thanks lots! :)