Thursday, August 30, 2012

The never-ending debate between the head and the heart

The head speaks in plain, sensible black. 
The heart speaks in wild, passionate red.

And this is what they say:

"Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution? That's what Groucho Marx said and he definitely had a point." 
"There you go again, spouting lines said by other people. Who is Groucho Marx?" 
"I speak the words of others because I value knowledge, which I accumulate through reading and being open to ideas. Groucho Marx was a famous comedian, considered to be one of he best in the modern era." 
"A comedian? What does a comedian know about the sanctity of marriage? They make fun of everything." 
"Well, funny things are usually true. Life itself is hilarious." 
"The only thing true in this world is love. And marriages based on it." 
"Um, for your information, upto 90% of marriages in India and 60% in the world are arranged. Great lot of love going on there." 
"That's why there is unhappiness. It's important to love first and then marry. People wouldn't be so unhappy if they had the patience to wait for love to happen first." 
"How can you be so delusional? Don't you know that more of so-called love marriages end in divorce than good old arranged marriages?"
"I thought you started off by saying that marriage is an institution and who wants to live in one? Then why are you advocating arranged marriage?" 
"Well, because, people need companionship. And our society only allows it through marriage. So might  as well find someone and settle down rather than grapple with loneliness for the rest of your life." 
"We don't need to FIND people. Our soul mate comes our way when the time is right." 
"What bullshit. That's just the stuff of books and lore. Soul mates don't exist. Just ordinary people do, and when you make the mistake of falling in love with them, they almost certainly break your heart." 
"What is life without a little bit of pain? Love may make you suffer but it is a good suffering. Everyone needs to suffer a bit." 
"Marriage is a kind of suffering too. Milder than love sickness though. So might as well get married and accept your share of suffering." 
"But what if you fall in love with another person AFTER you're already married to someone else?" 
"You laugh at yourself and forget it. Because life is cruel that way. Or you have an affair, because everyone is allowed their bit of philandering." 
"Ugh, you are impossible." 
"No, I am not. I'm just smart and practical. YOU'RE impossible. You're the one who causes so much trouble in people's lives by making them fall in love. The consequences of the act are implicit in the phrase itself - FALL in love. Nobody ever rises in it!" 

The debate continues between Mansi and Shivani on Sony Entertainment Television, every Monday to Thursday at 8.30p.m. (IST)

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