Friday, August 10, 2012

You and I

We are strange.

I approach, you withdraw.
I withdraw, you approach.

I talk, you don't listen.
I listen, you don't talk.

I say I know you, you think I don't.
I think I don't know, you say I do.

I tell you everything; you don't seem to care.
I keep to myself, you don't let me be.

I feel close to you, you are cold and detached.
I distance myself, you are suddenly so close.

I am crazy about you, you are only indifferent.
I forget and move on, you are suddenly a friend.

I like all your pictures on Facebook, you don't like anything I do.
I stop looking at your updates, you appear all over my page.

I stall, you walk.
I walk, you stall.

I smile, you stare.
I stare, you smile.

I cry, you laugh.
I ebb, you flow.

You and I,
We are strange.

5 scribbles scribbled back to me:

Nikita Banerjee Bhagat said...

Such is romance, isn't it? Knowing the unknown and unknowing the know! Beautifully done :)

megharana said...

like the new look of your blog! yes love is strange :)

Shanker said...

also add I stalk u walk and u walk i stalk ;-p

Mehak said...

Thanks Nikita. Indeed, romance and love are such. :)
Thank you Megha.. I like the new template too..
Shanker, haha, that's a good line. wonder why i didn't think of it. :P

Jaspreet said...

Ahem!!!!! So love's in the air it seems:)