Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A wish for 'the future'

They say that we should not worry about the future. We should live in the present moment for the future is abstract, uncertain, unknown. We may or may not have a future, yet the future is always there, looming over our heads, our decisions, our lives, like a constant shadow. Whether it is dark or bright, is anybody's guess. Or perhaps a matter of point of view.
Time seems to elapse faster when you are enjoying yourself, when you are happy, when you want to cling onto certain moments, and when time elapses, the elusive 'future' hovers closer, threatening to envelop us into its mysterious depths and greedily snatch away all that we hold dear in the present moment.
We are going to be in different spaces in the future, you and I. We have different lives to live, different priorities, responsibilities, loyalties, pressures, commitments. Our paths that are running so neatly parallel at the moment will soon unravel and race into completely different winding routes as soon as "the future" is upon us.
There will be no more stories shared over coffee or tea, no weekends of movies, eating out, roaming, exploring the city. No public transport rides together, no more moments to cling onto. Life will be boring. At least it seems so every time I visualize it. Our reunions - if any at all - will be few and far in between. Will our sense of friendship dwindle? Will we not have much to say to each other anymore? I hope not. I hope we manage to keep the conversation alive. I hope we keep intact the inclination to pick up the phone and call each other, to share views and thoughts and feelings, to laugh together, to argue.
The future may be uncertain, but we are not, right? We are friends for certain, aren't we? Come hell or high water? Come career or travel? Marriage or children?
Perhaps it is unfair to have such demands of friendship. Perhaps everything in this world comes with an expiry date. Perhaps everyone is right when they say 'live in the present', perhaps the elusive future will take care of itself somehow. Perhaps our friendship will take care of itself too.

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