Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Me, the busy bee.

I do not have the time to be writing this. Which is precisely why I am writing it. I need a break from all the busyness that has taken over my days to such an extent that I can't fall asleep at night because my mind is too clouded with thoughts and ideas and voices all talking at once.
As exhausting as it is, I love being busy. I love making lists of things to do and then actually doing them. I love seeing final products which I put in a lot of effort to create, whether these products are mere assignments or something more creative. Nothing is more fulfilling than learning and getting good at things that initially seemed insurmountable.
When I first began working on a page layout software called Quark Xpress, I was afraid of how I would manage to pull it off, especially when my poor eyesight makes it a pain to do precision work on a computer screen. But with practice and patience, I've discovered different features that enhance the layout and am still learning more things everyday.
Today, I thought I was faced with an impossible task when I was asked to use a 'cutout' of a photo on the page because to start with, I didn't have a clue what a cutout is, and secondly, my image editing skills are limited to using fun-and-easy options on Picasa. I was expected to use Photoshop today, a program which I had heard a lot about but never gotten around to using. With a deadline looming large, I decided to at least give it a shot and - with the help of Google - managed to make a pretty nice cutout image which is making the page I am designing look quite fancy. :)  I can't wait to try more things in Photoshop and get good at it like I am at Quark Xpress.
In other news, I am helping to lead the organisation of a fest that the media school I study at is organising. I have never led anything before, and for most of my academic career, people have admired my scholastic ability but doubted my leadership potential. Even if I wanted to lead things, I would be too afraid of other people's opinions about me to actually take an initiative. Not anymore. I am sure organising any kind of big event is a lot of hard work but hard work is something I've never been afraid of. It also requires team work, which I have always been skeptical about, but I realize that almost any job in the media world requires team effort, so it's high time I learned to work with people.
I've never enjoyed any phase of my life as much as I'm enjoying this master's programme. It's sad to know that it will be over quite soon, but I guess that's all the more reason to make the most of it and be as busy as I can until it lasts! 

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laddu said...

hmmm.... so ur idea of taking a break from ur super busy life is to sit in-front of ur laptop and write a post.. oh how much do I hate nerds !!!!