Sunday, September 2, 2012

The rain, the dark, and nostalgia

The rain is not so bad when I am warm and dry indoors. I enjoy watching it pour in a noisy, endless ruckus as a chilly wind blows in from my open window. The electricity goes off, like it always does at the slightest hint of rainfall, and I seize the opportunity to shut my laptop and move to my favorite spot - my bed - to sit and contemplate in the dark.
My roommate lights a candle and I am suddenly reminded of camping trips I went on a long time ago, to national parks in Kenya. Maybe it is something to do with the fact that I'd been writing a message to an old friend in Kenya before the electricity rendered me helpless in this technology-dependent world. I recall the sights and sounds of the animals and birds, especially at night, when there would be no power and we would huddle close together beside a bonfire, telling stupid ghost stories and flashing torch lights into each others eyes. I remember my terror of the creepy crawlies that would be everywhere, and the endless chatter that would successfully distract me. There would be arguments and gossip and games and fun and memories. The memories are all I have now. No photographs since those days were just before the digital-cam-phenomenon, and hardly any contact with the people who formed my world outside the home then.
Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to her friend whom she knows from first grade of school. I realized with a pang of sadness that I don't know anyone from first grade anymore, not even on facebook. Sometimes I feel perhaps it would be better to live like Benjamin Button: perhaps it would be easier to forget the old days if one was only growing younger.
And on that note, the lights flicker back on and I am pulled back into the present, another time that I am surely going to miss someday.

4 scribbles scribbled back to me:

Vaudeville of exhilaration said...

This is such a touching post.. Longing for the past is something we cannot avoid. As we grow older, so does accumulate all the memories which we so earnestly long for.. lovely post.. It kindled nostalgia in me too.. :):)

NINAD said...

Nice post. Met my cousin today. And we shared all those bachpan ke din stuff. All types of crazy stuff we used to do...felt good recalling all things. It was like going in past. Only now we turned older. You scribbled at the perfect moment, it's raining here in mumbai, it's dark weekend and add to it nostalgia. Your posts are awesome. :)

notesbymohit said...

these times are like windows into another world, which appear from time to time in our blindly racing life(to what goal nobody seems to know), and in this window, one experiences some revelations about life, which when we are pulled back into this world, we forget with time.

Mehak said...

thank you Vaudeville, NIMAD and Mohit. Glad you all read and liked the post.. :)