Sunday, October 7, 2012

A recycled post: "You miss miss me not..."

This is something I had written a few years back. Yes, I was adolescent. :P Don't judge!

Missing someone can be so overwhelming. I'm not talking about the momentary feeling that comes when something reminds you of them or when you suddenly think of how long it's been since you heard from them. I'm talking about that more intense, totally arresting feeling that just washes over you all of a sudden and you can't concentrate on anything at all because you just so want to talk to/see them AT ONCE. You stop what you're doing and let the feeling overcome you. You see their face in your mind, every detail sharp and clear, right from the light in their eyes to the crook of their smile. You remember the sound of their voice, or their laugh, and how it makes your heart leap. You smile, thinking of them and how happy you feel around them. You wish you could call them right then, but something holds you back. Perhaps it's an inconvenient time, perhaps they are away and out of reach, perhaps it's something else, inexplicable. Your mind wanders back to all the experiences you've had with this person - both good and bad. The memories make you smile. You think of how you had first met them, and how your relationship has evolved since then. You wish you could be with them right then - even if only for a few moments. But it is impossible. You think of how you are probably the last thing they have on their mind right now, while here you are, lost in their thoughts, missing them so desperately  You come back to the present, feeling a familiar pang of sadness that always comes with missing them. If only. . .
Your gaze wanders to your cell phone. You could text them, just a casual message, nothing much. Just to momentarily remind them of you. You smile, imagining them picking up their phone and reading the message. You pick up your own phone, open the contact list, find them and gaze at their name. You smile at it. You read their number, something you know all too well. You smile at it too. Your thumb wanders to the 'call' button. But then you stop. Sigh. Put the phone down. You were supposed to text, not call. You get up. Pace around. Contemplate. Finally, you pick up the phone again. This time, you go to the 'create message' screen. You type. Stop. Erase. Re-type. Read it through. Tweak it. Read again. And again. Smile. You open the contact list. Find their name. Smile at it. Read the number. Smile some more. Your thumb goes to the send button. You stop, thinking. Sigh. Re-read the message. Read their name again. Smile. Press the send button. Watch the screen for a few seconds as the message is sent. You put the phone down again. Sigh. Will they reply? You get up. Pace. Sigh. Sit down. Stare at the phone, as if willing it to beep. You get up again. Pace. Contemplate. The phone beeps. You dive for it. It's someone else's message, who was probably missing you when they were the last thing on your mind. You reply, feeling a slight tinge of disappointment. You put the phone down again. Sit back. Contemplate. Perhaps it's time to get back to your work. You get up. The phone beeps. You stare at it for a moment, before reaching for it. It's THEM! You see their name on the screen. Smile at it. You read the message. Smile. Re-read it. Smile. See their name again. Smile. Put the phone down. Now, you can get back to your work. Smiling. :)

4 scribbles scribbled back to me:

oRange said...

haha, i do the EXACT same thing!
im reading this ..laughing at myself :p

and u know ..the way u keep reading that person's sms over and over again is also so funny!

very true last lines :)

sooooper post!

The Spectacled Skeptic said...

yup, i know. you read it till u have it memorized :p lol

Saru Singhal said...

Been there and done that, I guess we all go through this phase one time or other in our lives. :) Enjoyed reading it!

Ninad said...

Hahaha..nice post there

Don't we like to see the reply! it's like smiles and only smiles after their reply..

Nice post Mahek.. Keep writing :)