Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why do we get obsessed?

With songs, with quotes, with books, with favorite items of clothing, with colors, with possessions, with people.
Why is the human brain so vulnerable to addiction?
What makes us want to listen to the same song again and again and again. On repeat. Ten times a day. Everyday. And then we eventually tire of it and can't bear to hear it at all. Ever.
Does the same happen with people? If we are addicted to someone's company, does it mean we will eventually tire of them and not want to see them at all?
Is that why married couples so often grow apart even if they continue to be 'together'?
What is it about people that draws us to them anyway? Why can't any one of us ever survive in isolation? Why is solitary confinement the worst kind of punishment that a criminal can be given? Why do we need a social life?
I guess the obvious answer is that other people provide the means to fulfilling our various "needs" as defined by Abraham Maslow. From a primitive one like sex to more complex ones like achievement, self-esteem and self-actualization. Nothing can be attained in isolation. Except madness, perhaps.
But then, when we are obsessed with a certain person - isn't it a kind of madness too? And by obsession I do not mean only romantic love. It is possible to be obsessed with friends or with a child or teacher. Obsession is simply craving for someone's company, all the time, every time. If you get it, you crave for more. If you don't get it, you can't focus. You feel like something's amiss, like you're sick and haven't had your dose of medicine. Or you're a junkie and haven't had your drug. Which brings me back to addiction. Both the human body and brain are so vulnerable - even susceptible - to addiction. It's insane. We are all insane. And we all have our addictions. They may be well-kept secrets or out in the open for everyone to know about, but they are always there - those precious little doses of things and people that keep us going. That keep us happy. That keep us alive. :)

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megharana said...

evrybody needs certain kind of social approval aknowdegemnt or watevr u call it! but if somebody wants nothing at all just some kind of solitary confinement that insane,,What is it that is called as insane!?? and are there any rigid boundaries for differentiating sane from insane!?