Monday, February 4, 2013

Dancing words

The music lures me no more,
the dance floor's lost its charm.
The jumping, jostling mass
I was once a part of,
seems alien. Strangely amusing.
Amusingly strange.

Why do people dance in big crowded gatherings
with loud, deafening music?
Why not just in the solitary confines of a closed room?
What is it about bodies
that they need to be shaken and spun
and twirled and whirled in the company of other bodies?
What is it about noise and sweat
that convinces one of having a "good time"?
Why does it suddenly seem like my idea of a very "bad time"?

Always a recluse, I am just getting worse by the day.
And they say I should get married.
How can I, when I seem to hate people?
And every single one of their social eccentricities?
It seems fake. Meaningless. Comical.
There is so much more, I want to do.
If only I knew, what exactly it is. 

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