Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Random facts about my life which you don't need to read

Today is World Radio Day.
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.
I have a ton of work to do.
I should not be blogging. I have not been blogging much at all recently. I miss it.
I did a radio show today morning and it made me happy.
I need to record several episodes of a show about books but I can't find the time. I feel bad about that.
I bunked a class today because I simply couldn't trust myself to stay awake.
I went to hostel to sleep but I was too exhausted to even doze off.
The fourth and final semester of my master's course is draining every drop of energy I have and making me go crazy. But I am loving it, in some strange way. In fact, I wish it wouldn't ever end. Because I don't know what lies beyond it. And the possibilities both excite and scare me.
I am busier than I have ever been before. I am still single on yet another stupid Valentine's day. But I am high on a new love song I can't stop singing:

Beimaan. Dil bada beimaan. 
Hota nahi aasaan isey hai samjhana 
Beimaan, Dil bada be-imaan 
Tere liye shaitan 
Meri naa ek maana 

Dil jeete yaa main jeetu 
Dekhungi dekhega tu 
Lo dil se sharat lag gaye 
Mujhe tto teri lat lag gayi, lag gayi 
Zamaana kahe lat yeh ghalat lag gayi 
Mujhe tto teri lat lag gayi, lag gayi
Zamaana kahe lat yeh galat lag gayi

And now, I should return to work.

2 scribbles scribbled back to me:

Yazdegrid said...

Hey actually long time since been to blogging. Actually felt good being back. The days doing masters are really incredible.. have fun!

Lady Whispers said...

I misss reading you but great you enjoying the masters :)

And happy V day to you :)