Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Birthday to me! - The hits and the misses

The past two years away from home have put me in the bad habit of expecting too much excitement on special days . So it's no surprise that my birthday this year was kind of boring since  I'm back in the real world and all.  BIG miss. I miss the student life. I miss UoH, I miss Hyderabad. 
But then, here's what made things better - a surprise parcel in the mail, with a gift and card from a best friend. Thanks S, you made my day a super hit. :) 

I finally feel truly grown up. It's like a mix of wise, unshockable, and jaded. Ok no its not that bad. What I really mean is that I have truly snapped out of my fairy tale notions regarding things like love and romance, and I'm no longer anxious about certain, ahem, experiences.  Practicality is like my middle name these days. And it's such a relief to not FEEL so much for a change. Definitely a hit. Though I wonder, if this is what twenty-something feels like, what will thirty-something be like, forty-something, and so on? Perhaps it's not a good idea to live very long. Just a thought. 

Next miss, I think I'm in the wrong kind of job. But what keeps me going is that it keeps me connected to Hyderabad, which I like. I shall feel a little lost and homeless when the connection snaps. Perhaps I should turn nomadic then, take to living on aeroplanes and wandering the globe as I please!. Now THAT would be a real hit!

Lastly, my blog is dying. It is in urgent need of CVR. Creative-Verbal.Resuscitation. :P I have got to make more of an effort to tend to this place, breathe new life into it now. That is one of my birthday resolutions. 

Otherwise, life is very good. And the predominant emotion I feel these days is gratitude. :)  I think turning older is a lot about appreciating the things we have, the ones we don't seem to notice or care about when we are young and naive and craving for everything and everyone that is out of reach. I don't mean that we shouldn't have aspirations; of course we should; aspiration gives life some purpose. But as we work towards achieving all that we want, it helps to first recognize and value all that we already have :)

Ok, enough of preaching. Last hit - I'm finally blogging again after a long hiatus. Hope it's the first step of the above mentioned CVR . :)