Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What are you doing these days?

I hate that question. Like what do you want me to say? (And why do you even care? :P)

How about "I'm sitting at home jobless and thoroughly enjoying it." Or "I'm loving the luxury of actually being able to afford being jobless for a bit." Or, to be more elaborate: "I'm catching up on years worth of reading with the help of my beloved new Kindle." And also, "Now that the summer is finally, finally receding, I've taken to occupying the antique swing in the big upstairs balcony of my parents' home, simply watching the sky and the trees or sometimes mulling over writing ideas - a pleasure I haven't indulged in for the longest time."

All of the above are true, but I doubt you would find them of any value, you who incessantly ask me "what are you doing these days?" when it is quite clear, really, that I'm doing nothing at all of consequence to you.

Not that I don't have any plans. I do, and I definitely love earning my own money too much to not return to doing it soon, but I needed a breather and that's exactly what I'm getting. Yes, I'm sleeping a lot and eating a lot and of course, I have even put on more weight, but my mind is clear and calm and knows exactly what it wants to get engaged in next and when. And I'm not going to push it to go any faster because that would just deter me from what I'm doing these days, which is "living". And enjoying every moment of it :)