Friday, December 19, 2014


Helter-skelter, pell mell, my dreams are pandemonium. They whoosh across continents and dive into the seas, run naked up mountains, then hurtle carefree down the slopes. They lunge headfirst into exhilarating waterfalls of possibilities, then bob in winding rivers like contented ducks. Clearly, they don't know what they want. But maybe that's okay. Because they are happy trying different things, even if all these things are only happening in my mind. - For now, at least.
What does it take for a dream to find it's way out of the comfy crevices of the mind (or cushy corners of the heart) and manifest in the real, tangible world?
Sometimes, luck. Fate, destiny, karma, right-place-right-time, whatever you call it.
Other times, hard work. Or discipline, devotion, determination and drive. (Wow, did I just discover the 4 Ds that make a Dream come true?!)
Most of the time, I think, a delicate combination of the two. Perhaps the stars have to line up just right and you have to have slogged just about as much as you can, and your resolve has to be cast in stone and then magically, beautifully, you will achieve what you want.
My dream has always been to write and publish a book. Last month, I almost got that first bit done. I say almost because the first draft of my novel (the one I wrote for National Novel Writing Month) is like a newborn who hasn't been swabbed and prettied up for the world yet, It's raw and cranky and bawling for attention but hey, it's still my baby and I love it! :P Though I'll love it a lot more when it's nicely edited clean and I'm over the trauma of the pain and turmoil that went into creating the damn thing.

So yes, I guess half the battle's won in getting my dream out of both the comfy crevices of my mind and the cushy corners of my heart. Now, I just have to redouble my levels of the 4 Ds mentioned above and patiently wait for the stars to line up just right so that my dream will at last sprout wings and take flight.
And then, I can chase the next one - across continents and seas and mountains and rivers aplenty. 

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