Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Stuff I should do, must do, ought to do, want to do, need to do, can do, will do.

Organize my life. This in itself involves a long list of sub-lists. I should clean out and arrange my closet and desk and book shelf. I should throw out stuff I unnecessarily hoard but never use or need. I must discard old notebooks after clipping or photographing stuff I still need from them. I should compile that too long over-due list of films to watch and books to read. I must then follow up and actually do the watching and reading.
I should further pretty-up my recently repainted room.
I have to sort out my data. Pictures, music, documents, videos - they all need some major organisation.
I should write. Write all the articles I keep jotting down ideas about. I should edit my NaNoWriMo novel draft and craft it into something I can publish and be proud of.
I should read - all the stuff on the reading list gleaned from years of jotting down recommendations - and more.
I should refurbish my online profiles. Especially Google and LinkedIn. I should remove old stuff from Facebook which no longer needs to be visible to all and sundry.
I should clean out my email inbox, delete meaningless messages.
I should finish designing my WordPress site.
I should blog more. Maybe start another blog too.
I must earn more and spend more. Mostly on travel.
I should fulfill my mom's long-standing wish to be computer and internet-savvy.
I should get my writing career on track. I must write more stuff worthy of publication.
I must start doing something healthy. Like yoga and meditation. I should be on the move more and experience living out of a suitcase.
I must make 2015 a year to remember. I should 'live' more than I did last year. I should make ideas and plans materialize. I should do more, plan less. I should keep in better touch with friends.
I should do what I should do, must do, ought to do, want to do, need to do, can do, will do.

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mitostargazer said...

This is the exactly the kind of thought process that runs through my mind, every time i think about major re haul of my life, esp on New Year and birthdays :D

One a serious note, this won't get you much further in your wishlist, as I have experienced for myself over and over again umpteenth number of times.

You can just put 2-3 major goals for this year, big ones, commit yourself wholeheartedly to them.

There are so many things we want, some long-term, some short-term, and when we are thinking and wishing about them, we get so overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of it that it becomes very difficult to make any serious headway in any of it without cutting through the whole maze of it. Our desires compete with each other for our attention. When I am trying to think of a long story/novel to write, may be i could have written a decent blog-post in the same time. Or even better, cleaned up my two email inbox.

I haven't come up any satisfying, complete answer to this problem, but I am consciously trying to cut down on wishes this year, focusing only of some of them.

Yes, living more 'fully' than the previous year must be among them :)