Monday, April 6, 2015

The Wordspinner

The wordspinner was a young woman with an old spinster's soul. She worked in isolation, removed from the world, content within her imaginary cocoon.  While people her age (and even younger) got married and started families and happily settled into a lifetime of routines, she longed for just the opposite: quiet time and lack of structure. No fixed schedules for eating and sleeping and "working". For her work was her raison d'etre; her subsistence, her very existence.  

The words made her head spin, didn't let her sleep at night. Though they didn't always come easily. Rarely so. Often, they jarred and bored and needed to be re-spun entirely or touched up with a snip here and a tuck there. Embellishments were often needed to dress up the plain words and make them sparkle with genius. 

Her words tired her, made her eyes hurt from staring at them so much and tweaking relentlessly to achieve perfection or at least her idea of it. For what is perfection but merely a point of view? But despite the strain and frustration, she kept at her work, resolutely, in the unending quest of getting better and better and spinning more elaborate prose for her beloved word lovers. .The people who read her stuff and liked it and appreciated it. 

Sometimes, she tried to sell her words but mostly ended up giving them away for free just so that they could go out there and be heard, perhaps even touch or help someone. When payment did come, it was prized and treasured and inspired the many applications she sent out - to a fellowship here, a residency there. Earning for her words lent the courage to think "Maybe I'm good enough to do something great, to be great." 

She longed to "get away" - from the babble and routine around her. She just needed some uninterrupted quality time with her craft, her words. She needed to write better, to achieve her technicolored dreams. She dreamed of freedom. Of flying, quite literally, around the world, on her own, or with someone who didn't come with the baggage of wanting to "see" certain things and "do" certain other things in the manner of tourists. She wanted unique adventures, novel stuff she could write about and vibrant places that could give shape and form and color to the many stories that buzzed like restless wasps in her convoluted mind. She seemed to want to too much. To achieve the impossible or at least the un-achievable, by "normal" or simpleton standards  But to her wordspinner mind it didn't seem that much. After all, all she wanted was some space. And a fistful of time to call her own without being reminded that she was getting older...that time was a-ticking, running out. She needed to get married. Start a family. Settle down. Into routine. Mundane routine. It was her nemesis, that damned routine. 

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laddu said...

i think i know this word spinner :)

Muhammad Israr said...

best wishes to the word spinner :)

Ashwini Sane said...

Word Spinner is unique - Good luck to the word spinner!