Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Biding Time

I wait,
For an end
Or a beginning.
Either way, same thing I suppose,
Like the analogy of the glass - half empty or full -
It's just a matter of perception.

I wait,
For summer's lapse and cooler winds.
Winds that can carry me away,
Unbound, unchartered. 
Sailing headlong into destiny.
Or at least my imagined version of one.

I wait,
Tireless, eternally hopeful,
Planning, wishing, praying. 
Are my dreams mere castles in the air?
I wonder. What if they come tumbling down upon me?
Will I perish in their wake?

I wait,
For days that turn into weeks
And then into years.  
Almost a decade.
What am I doing here? 
Sitting still, like stagnant water?
When life is supposed to be a flowing river -
Long, winding, majestic. A journey of the soul. 

I wait
For freedom and flight, 
Out of the shackles that bind
And hold me back. 
They are beginning to hurt, where they dig in - 
Right around the place where my wings could have been.

I wait,
For sometimes  it is all one can do
After the best of plans have been thought up and laid out, 
And efforts redoubled and exhausted. 
I wait, 
For an end.
And a beginning in tow.