Saturday, June 13, 2015


Today was/is the first ever International Albinism Awareness Day. There wasn't much publicity or knowledge about it. The media largely ignored it. And Google didn't bestow us with a doodle to celebrate. I guess that just highlights the need behind the declaration of this day. The United Nations has created a website which explains more, and I'm so happy to share my own story which is featured there. Follow this link to read!

Monday, June 1, 2015


I have recently been inspired to write rhymes (courtesy Shruti) so here’s one trying to capture that middle-of-the-year feeling – in my case, uncertainty, doubt, confusion, a little bit of guilt about not doing all the things I set out to do since January, and lots of conflicted plans for the coming months:  

So it’s June,
Middle of the year,
Didn’t it come too soon?

My stars are set to bloom,
Or so my horoscopes croon.
Gonna be a time of boon,
Under tomorrow’s full moon.

So why do I sense doom?
Me and my perennial gloom!
Stuck in a cocoon,
Lost and out of tune.

Get me out of here and we’ll find a pretty lagoon
Share cookies or chocolate or a creamy macaroon
We’ll hide from fate’s lampoon
And dodge its lethal harpoon.
For the year has reached its noon
And the clock is striking,
Boom, boom, boom.